Afro Arts sees the role of arts and culture as an intrinsically educational and knowledge driven process. It is through culture, language, story telling, debate, song, poetry, performance, dance and much more that the complexity of our humanity comes into being. It is through culture that we connect and learn about the other and thus, this aspect of work is the cornerstone of our work as we strive through our work to connect with the wider continent of Africa and the diaspora.

Over the years our work has wielded incredible joy and knowledge exchanges as we connected with African cultural activists. This has contributed towards developing a stronger creative sectors movement as well as the media. Our cultural work is constantly developing and promoting cultural taste . In addition, our work also has a focus towards women artists and we make every attempt to ensure that women cultural workers have a meaningful role in shaping our discourse.

We work collaboratively as we believe this is the best way to leverage our values and influence, not excluding the fact that collaborations enable better resources use to reach the targeted constituencies we work with more effectively. It is for this reason that we have collaborated with various entities, including local authorities, provincial and national government programmes.

Our work focuses on project management of events and festivals consisting of all genres of the arts. Some notable cultural programmes we have worked on include the Arts Alive International Festival, the African Women Writers Symposium, Africa Month Festivals and the Urban Voices Festival.

Our management team has an ability to crisis manage and we often assist on projects produced by other entities.